All adjustments are manual; all layers are hand-set.

PRODUCT 2122:3

Here is the link to FAITHRR's  OpenSea:

This small collection of 1/1 NFTs is the first release of new media analog-digital generative hybrids by artist and experimental researcher FaithRR. <- That's me, Faith Rachel Rhyne, and abbreviations of my birth name -  FaithRR, faithrr, FAITHRR, and FRR - can be assumed to be referencing me, Faith.

The pieces in the series were created by layering dozens of duplicate images of naturally occurring forms or - in the case of several works - cultural artifacts in context of elements such as water and light.

The duplicated images were variably adjusted for the standard visual attributes available with iOS 15.3.1, alpha/opacity, and size.

Standard available filters were used in experimental and non-formulaic methods of emphasizing or de-emphasizing existing visual elements.

No additional visual content - such as lines, shadings, or images of forms other than those existing in the base images of clouds, or light on a wall - was added.

Relatedly, no visual content was removed through processes other than adjustment of standard measures such as exposure, brightness, contrast, etc.

Some adjustments of color or exposure will erase, add to, colorize, and otherwise alter general forms.

That utility - the subtle accentuation or occlusion of certain aspects of the image through the artist's active interaction with the image - is part of the analog-digital generative process. I use digital tools to layer and adjust the images, and the generation of media products is not done by algorithm, AI beyond standard functional application intelligence in the digital tools (iPhone) and platforms (KineMaster) used.

All adjustments are manual; All layers are hand-set.

This work driven by a spirit of fervent (and sometimes problematic) curiosity coupled with the practice of allowing for, working with, and in some cases surrendering to the invitations or refusals the forms offer in their ease or resistance to aligning.

These products arose in the active perceptual action between shapes that make our seen-worlds and a differently-abled artist/researcher who loves the feeling of beauty and wonder held in noticing the small sudden existence of something that did not exist before and yet is there, plain as day and beautiful.

These images, to me, are artifacts of amazing experiences, frames of suddenly seeing. Images as they appear in still-frame captures do not exist in the final media products that they were made in the process of creating.

A 7-second video might involve hundreds of layers and iterations of arrangement.  The still-frame images generated in the process of experimenting and playing with arrangement, relations between layers, elements of form, structure, movement, etc. only exist for a moment.

You can view the videos that these still-frame images were created in the process of making on my Vimeo:

*An experimental researcher, for the purposes of this description, is a person who engages in research using experimental methods, a person who experiments with different research methodologies, or one who experiments with ‘being a researcher’. I am all of the above, but mostly I’m an artist and a poet.

Please check out the collection on Open Sea -  - to see additional works from this small initial offering of new media products from experiments in form and process.