My Name is Faith.

My Name is Faith.
This About is In Progress, as is everything else about me.

Hi, and thanks for being here for a moment or two. If you're looking for a quick perusal of my work across different areas, check out

I am an interesting person* who has been emailing herself longform narrative experiments and nested sets of haiku for over a decade, among other activities of catching glimpses, memorializing the fleeting, and playing with tense and perspective to investigate the lines between self, other, and world to unwind some the perceived subjectivity of the rational, relational, and real in the often unnoticeable processes of crafting identity and worldview to build/break concepts shaping individual and collective realities across time and circumstance in the complex arcs of the worlds both seen and unseen, at war and making peace or at war with making peace.

*most people are interesting.

I am a self-taught artist whose work documents a severe and persistent curiosity about the tendencies of unscripted narrative in studying structure and form in the natural world and in reflections on the actions of seeing, believing, and being seen in the contexts of time, place, and culture.

My work in longform and the art of process without the goal of products gauge the fuzzy mechanisms of action and outcome in the personal/political workings of power and beauty.

I various methods to experiment and excavate subjects and concepts that inform perceptions of general and personal phenomena creating identity in the blur of intersections spurred along in a constant churning of disparate information finding slippery footholds in theme, meaning, and understanding of the internal drivers and external arbiters of  truth in matters of legitimacy, beauty, power, belief, evidence, questioning, truth-telling, and other forms of the uniquely human madness tethered to our need to know, refusal to know, and the universality of not being able to know.  

I employ loose (and often unacknowledged) use of qualitative research methodologies and sensibilities, drawing primarily on participatory observation, content theme analysis, and narrative inquiry in a still-evolving practice of  autoethnography.

This space ( serves as a grounds to document the development of current work, and is a point of dispersion for media created over the past 13 years through projects that have evolved toward studies of form, composition, and presentation in the acts of seeing and being seen.

Some of my work may create concern or upset, which may result in experiences of "I don't like this..." (for you) or surveillance by paranoid national security agencies (for me).

I apologize in advance for any ruffling of ____ and/or kerfuffling of _____.

I am aware that I am not able to speak authoritatively on anything other than my own experience, and even on the subject that is myself, I make no guarantees.

I cannot deny that if there is any ______ I might ____for it is _____. Any work I do seeks to create something of that phenomenon - not only as an absence of _____, but a sense of ____ in the present, a ____of security in the ____ and _____ of one's _____.

Even a small ____ of the _____ is a brief ____ of ____.

As a person who has been entangled in the mess of other people's perspectives, opinions, and problematic calculations of social desirability, I make an effort to engage neutrality in my inquiries.

The quandaries inherent in efforts to gauge what might constitute neutrality in the tangled pluralism and multiplicities expose my own biases and blindspots in the swerving awareness of illogical dialectics and cognitive dissonance - a belly-deep unease that signals conflict in what I believe I ought to believe - or what I want to believe - and what I find in the shadows as a closer truth caught on a silvery filament trembling out tiny ripples from the scrawling point of puncture on a surface that reflects a sky until I find the dark of underwater at the end of the line.

The surface will barely flinch a mention of the reeling tug - toward and away - that bears a shifting flip of weighted strength - unwieldy, darting wildly, sinking to rise resistant on one end of a taut yearning not to let what I've found break free of my knowing, pulling forth a violence in the ugly truth bright-lit in breaking splash, defiant against the cool slip of gravity that steals the fragile buoyancy of secret selves, sinks them between shadows and sunlight down in the dark water that is opaque only by virtue of quantity, water that is clear as a spring when held as a seeping pool in cupped hands.